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Mahottari Protest :Four Died In Police Firing

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

| Khabar Site

4 killed in jaleshwar protest
Sep 09, 2015. Four protesters have been killed in police firing during a clash at Jaleshwar of Mahottari district today.
Three of those deceased have been identified as Amit Kapad of Bakhri Jaleshwar-9, Bibek Chaudhari of Mahottari VDC-5, and Rohan Chaudhari of Jaleshwar-7 whereas detail of the one deceased is yet to come.
Likewise one protester named Ram Kishan Raut has been killed in Bhardaha of Saptari while protesters were trying to block the vehicles escorted by police.
Madesh based parties are agitating in Terai Nepal against the seven province model federal divisin who have already quit the constitution process from the Constituent Assembly.
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