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Kumar Ghainte Don Killed In Police Encounter

Thursday, August 20, 2015

| Khabar Site

kumar ghaite don dead in police encounter

ghaite killed in police encounter
Notorious Don Kumar Ghainte aka Kumar Lama has been killed in police encounter this morning Ghainte was shot near his home at Kapurdhara Samakhusi once he opened fire on police van.He was brought to TU Teaching Hospital Maharajgunj by police.Police has informed that Ghainte is seriously injured but other sources have claimed that Ghaite is already dead.It is said that 8 of the 11 bullets were shot on his chest.

Ghainte has been on most wanted list of Nepal police  due to involvement in  several cases of  murder attempts, kidnapping, keeping illegal arms, money extortion etc. 
Ghaite although had bad records had actively worked during Nepal earthquake in April.He was said to be in close relationship with Nepali Congress party.Ghainte once had appealed in Nepal Human Right Commission for saving his life as he already smelled the encounter from police any-time.

In August last year, another don Chari (Dinesh Adhikari) was also killed in police encounter at Bhimdhunga Kathmandu.

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kumar ghaite encounter by police

nepali don ghaite killed
ghaite killed in police encounter
ghaite don killed by police

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