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Ten Years Old Child Sacrificed To Cure A Sick Person In Nepal

Monday, July 27, 2015

| Khabar Site

In a shocking incident, a 10 years old boy has been murdered as human sacrifice to cure another boy of 18, who was suffering from sickness, at Kudiyatar-4 Marchahawa village of Nawalpasari. Eleven people have been arrested on charge of murder while the prime suspect has confessed that the boy was sacrificed on the name of God.

Bijaya Harijan-18, son of Khudai Chamar,  was sick on Tuesday, demanded a human blood while giving a shamanic treatment. On the same day Jeevan Kohar-10, son of a local couple named Shiwa Mangal Kohar and Nimala Kohar went missing since 4 pm the same day. The boy lost on Tuesday was found dead on Friday inside bush near by home. Locals suspected of sacrifice and called the police. The wound on child's neck, the time frame and confession of prime suspect have suggested that it was a human sacrifice.

It has been revealed that the culprit lured the boy of some fruit and Rs 50 cash and slit his neck in front of the God's photos on the wall after some praying inside their home.
Jeevan Kohar was the eldest of 4 children of the couple. The whole family have been drowning in misery now due to murder of their beloved child.

Police have continued the investigation to find the truth about this barbaric murder of this 21st century.

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