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Mother Detained While Throwing Infant Into Bagmati River

Friday, July 10, 2015

| Khabar Site

Kanchhi Maya Tamang-22 from Gokule-5 Kabhre has been arrested by police yesterday while she was throwing away a new born child of 4 days into Bagmati river near Pashupatinath.At first Police patrolling the area had arrested Kanchhi for throwing rubbish bag into the river which was later revealed to be an infant inside the bag.
It is revealed that the baby was born through extramarital relationship with some unknown bus staff when she came to Kathmandu last time in Mangshir 2071 as her husband is away from home for foreign employment.
Kanchhi has confessed to police that she gave birth to the child at forest near Kathmandu as she left Kabhre before 5 days fearing the villagers would find out.

Both mother and baby are getting treatment at Prashuti Maternal Hospital Kathmandu.Kathmandu. Kanchhi will probably get jailed for maximum of 4 years.
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