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Kaski Landslide Death Toll Rises To 39, Dozens Still Missing

Saturday, August 1, 2015

| Khabar Site

Death toll from the landslides at different area of Kaski, Myagdi, Baglung and Chitwan have reached to 39.Dozens are still missing in the flood and landslides.

25 have been confirmed dead in Majhaghar Lumle-6 of Kaski whereas 5 in Bhadaure Tamagi-5 and 2 in Thulachaur Dhikurepokhari-9 are dead. Eight of those injured in landslide are getting treatment at Western Regional Hospital Pokhra and 8 are at the Manipal Hospital.Four people in Bhadaure Tamagi-5 and 6 people in Majhaghar Lumle-6 are still missing in the landslides. Search and rescue operation is still underway.
lumle, bhadaure, dhikurepokhari landslide

Similarly six people have been killed at Nudi VDC of Myagdi due to landslide and one in Muna VDC.It has been reported that a Chepang girl has been killed in the landslide at some hilly region of Chitwan district.

Ridi-Burtibang road has been obstructed due to the landslide at Hanara-2 of Gulmi whereas Ghorahi-Rolpa is also blocked due to the landslide at different areas of Saigha VDC in Dang district. A suspension bridge in between  ward no. 1 and 2 of Resha VDC in Baglung have been destroyed which has affected the transportation of 500 families in the area. Likewise the flood has interrupted regular school classes at Janakalyan Lower Secondary School of Resha-2 Baglung.

At the meantime, a group funeral proceedings have been done for the deceases of Majhaghar Lumle-6.
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