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Film Workers Against The New Film Making Code

Monday, July 6, 2015

| Khabar Site

Nepalese film workers have came together against the newly imposed film making codes by Film Development Board, Nepal. Recently the newly formed  Board under Chairmanship of Raj Kumar Rai had published  new film making codes for the development of Nepalese film industry.According to the new rule, all the new-comer producers have to co-work with already established producers who have already passed the sensor board.Similarly anyone who wants to be a film director have to work as the assistant director or the chief assistant director at least in 5 movies.
Image courtesy Nepal Magazine

The new code has already been imposed since the 1st of Adhad 2071 which has escalated debates among the film workers. Most of the new comers have taken it as a cap on them and as a form of syndicate imposed by the so called seniors although the Board members claimed that the new code will discourage those new directors and the producers who have produced films for learning and their own fun purpose only that has discouraged the genuine film workers and repealed the audiences whereas most of the film workers, critics, journalists and general film viewers don't agree with them as film making is a form of creativity and we should always welcome and encourage new-comers in the industry.In fact there shouldn't be any one in between creators and the audiences.According to them viewers these days are very aware that they can choose good movies among many movies produced every year and those who can't win their hearts will be displaced automatically.

New directors like Nishchal Basnet (Loot), Ram Babu Gurung (Kabaddi) have disagreed with the new code and said producers only invest but the main important part of movie making is the Script writing and the well presentation by the directors.In stead of baring them,  the board should educate new producers where and how their money is spent and what would be the exact outcome they can expect.
Senior director Neer Shah and some of the former board members have also expressed their aggrandisement saying creation shouldn't be censored and discouraged this way as fresh people always come with fresh ideas and keep the industry vibrant.
On Sunday , some of the film workers have gathered at Mandala Theatre and initiated the Sign Taking Campaign against the New Film Making Code.

Naveen Jung

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