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Wreckage Of Missing US Helicopter Found At Ghorthali Sindhupalchok

Saturday, May 16, 2015

| Khabar Site

us helicopter crash site ghorthali sindhupalchok nepal

The wreckage of the crashed US UH-1 HUYI helicopter has been spotted by Nepal army at Gharthali VDC of Sindhupalchok district.A Nepal army helicopter which flew over the Ghorthali area  confirmed the crash site.A local named Syangbo Sherpa who called district office Sindhupalchok, through his mobile no. 9818034227 , had informed about the incident Initially the Nepal army helicopter which flew over the site reported by Sherpa, was unable to trash any sign of the missing helicopter but Sherpa had called the police again and assured that that he would walk up to the crash site (which took him 4 hrs) and make fire and raise red flag.Finally Nepal Army was able to confirm the crash site after following Sherpa's signal.

A similar information was received on 100 police hotline from Binu Magar of Ghorthali that a loud sound wad heard in the area but the Nepal army, Indian and American team sent in the area were unable to track anything.
After the land search was unfruitful, Nepal army Ranger Team on boats was deployed on the Tamakosi River suspecting the Chopper could have been drown into the Tamakoshi river.
The American Helicopter which was carrying 4 US cres, 2 US citizen and 2 Nepal Army Ranger personal had gone missing since last Tuesday which had gone to Dolkaha to distribute the relief materials for the earthquake victims that hit Nepal on 25th and 26th April 2015.
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