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Shesh Ghale And Dr. Ram Sharan Mahat Interview

Friday, May 1, 2015

| Khabar Site

What Finance Minister Mahat Has To Say over imposing one door system on relieve funds and the materials through the Prime Minister Disaster Management Fund
shesh ghale with finance minister ram sharan mahat

Finance Minister Dr. Ram Sharan has put forward his plans on rescue, relief and renovation plan to overcome the damage caused by the devastating earthquake that has affected 30 districts of Nepal.Mahat has cleared the motive of government that they are trying their best despite the limited resource. He has taken the opportunity to thank all the international , NGOS/ INGOS and general public.
He further cleared that the present cap on the NGOs/INGOS to work in coordination with government will only discourage the new and unreliable institutions and the individuals but it will facilitate the legitimate organizations to work effectively.
On the other hand NRN president Shesh Ghale who had gone to Sindhupalchok to distribute the relief materials and has announced 100 millions from NRN organization and 20 millions through his personal account has expressed dissatisfaction that they should encourage such donors and the volunteers to work freely that would facilitate the earthquake victims at the earliest.
Watch what NRN president Shesh Ghale and finance Minister Dr. Ram Sharan Mahat has to say:

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