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Kali Gandaki Starts Overflowing Risk Alarm Still On

Sunday, May 24, 2015

| Khabar Site

blocked kali gandaki river starts overflowing

After 15 hours of blockade at Baseri Ramche of Myagdi, Kali Gandaki river has started flowing once the water level has overflown. There was a hundred mtrs deep and 3 km long lake formed due to the blockage of the river. Nepal army an special emergency task force was deployed in the incident area and there was a helipad prepared near one km of the landslide area, but NA helicopter was unable to inspect the area the whole day due to bad weather and dusty air because of the landslide. After 5 pm, the water level was filled up to the landslide accumulated and started overflowing slowly making deeper route. Now the water flow is slightly bigger than the river at the time of normal flooding, which hasn't cause any damage but still the risk is there as more water might just flow at once and flood the lower area.
The landslide fallen from 500 mtrs above, 26 houses in Bhagawati VDC-2 and Ramche VDC-9 have been flooded.

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