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Gov To Demolish All Homes Not Following Building Code

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

| Khabar Site

all homes against building codes will be demolished
Nepal government has decided to demolish all the homes across the country which haven't followed the building code of construction. Government has circulated the notice across all the concerned offices that the home owners are requested to demolish their homes which don't meet the code, otherwise the government will demolish itself. Government has announced it's demolish plan. At the first phase , it will demolish all the destroyed monuments and houses and all homes not meeting the building code will be demolished in the second phase.
Following the extensive human and property damage in the recent 6.8 rector scale greater earthquake on 25th April and 2 major aftershocks, government has decided to ban construction of buildings over 2 stories for the moment and implement the building construction code strictly on all built and new homes to be built.
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