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Defamation Of Government By NGOs/INGOs Prevents International Aid

Friday, May 8, 2015

| Khabar Site

A False publicity By So called NGO/INGOs
Recently Nepal suffered the devastating 7.9 earthquake on 25th April that killed more than 7500 people and left more than 15000 injured, the toll is still going up. Many international communities arrived Nepal to help at such moment of crisis.More than 200 people were rescued alive and thousands were rescued by helicopters and they were provided with necessary food, water, medical treatment, temporary tents and toilets.
Following the disaster many countries announced their financial aid that brought some hope to Nepal government and it's people.If the funds announced were all received in cash, Nepal would definitely bounce back to it's normal position or it would even lift Nepal towards better life style and advanced infrastructure. Unfortunately what happened is 41K NGOS and 200 plus INGOs working in Nepal voiced against the government citing the possible corruption by the government officials that made Intentional community to change their way to deliver the assistance and they decided to help through those NGOs/INGOs which was their principle motive. The result is all of them tried to reach the victim themselves and it was so unplanned and bias that they hired a helicopter for 3000 USD per trip and distributed a bottle of water, a pack of noodle and took selfie with their banner. Hence spending most of their money on administration , Only 20 percent of the funds reached to the real victims which was the great fear for the donors to work with the government.
The consequence is that the government only received 2.7 Million USD even after the 13th day of the disaster which is only 4.5 percent of the funds promised from the international communities. They should have realized now that no one can monitor the financial activities of  200 plus INGOs and 4000 plus NGOs but they could always monitor the government's activity and check the transparency.
Funds Promised  54 million
Funds Received By Government 2.7 million
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