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Ex-Crown Prince Parash Shah Returning Today

Thursday, April 2, 2015

| Khabar Site

former Nepal crown prince parash and himani shah

Former crown prince of Nepal Parash Shah is returning back to Nepal on Thursday by Thai Air.Shah has been living in Bankok Thailand for few years.He was said to be living with his Thai girlfriend.While his stay in Thailand , Shah had been arrested and prosecuted several times for different counts of crimes related to drugs taking and vandalizing the apartment properties.Last time he was arrested with some illegal drugs where he was seen in a very pathetic condition of poor health.Ex-crown Princess Himani Shah had paid a visit to him in Bankok jail last month.According , Sunil Khadka, the close aids of Shah, he will probably reside in Nepal from now on.Khadka further added that Shah has been given clean cheat on all count of charges on drugs by the Nangkhoi Court.He had put the Bankok apartment on bail for his release.
It is said that Shah's family and the supporters have organized a huge welcome rally at TIA Kathmandu today.Last CA election 2 has shown that there are millions of supporters of him and the Monarchy in Nepal which was overthrown by the first CA (constituent assembly) in Nepal.
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