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Fulpati Being Celebrated Today

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

| Khabar Site

Today is Fulpati, the 7th day of Dashain festival, which is one of the most important days of this festival. As all the government offices are closed from today, the main celebration starts here as all homes are clean, everyone has managed good food, new clothes and those living faraway have arrived home.
fulpati day of dashain celebrtionDurga Kali has been worshipped since the Ghatasthapana Day and toady she is worshipped as Mata Kal Ratri (mother Darkness) as she had incarnated into various faces to elude Demons turning everything into darkness while saving the humankind from Demons.
Today as per the tradition Fulpati is brought to Fulpati Home at Hanuman Dhoka Kathmandu from Gorkha Durbar where 6 people of Magar caste carry the Fulpati until Dhading then handover to 6 Brahmins who will bring them to Jamal Kathmandu along with the priests. The troop is welcomed and joined by high government officials, Gurujyu Troop, Band Baja, Panche Baja, decorated Kalsyaundi, cultural pageantry and procession ends at Fulpati Home where Fulpati is anointed as per  Bedic rites.
Fulpati is a mixture of assorted flowers, fruits and leaves of different holy plants including Banana, Ginger, Fig, Sugarcane, Paddy Stalk, Pomegranate leaves, Turmeric leaves, Wood Apple leaves, Jayanti Flower, Manabriksha etc which is tied in a red holy cloth along with holy water.

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