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World's First Aricraft Museum Inside An Ariplane In Nepal

Friday, September 19, 2014

| Khabar Site

An aircraft museum has been opened at Hashanpur of Dhangadi Nepal which is inside an old airplane of Cosmic Air. There are many aircraft museum around the world but this must be the first museum inside an airplane. Former Prime Minister and leader of Nepali Congress, Sher Bahadur Deuba has inaugurated the museum on Thrusday (18th of September 2014).
Bed Prasad Upreti of Dhangadi who has been working as trainer pilot in an Indonesian based airlines, has opened the aircraft museum. He has collected some 200 models of different aircrafts made by different companies after Right Brothers made the first plane. Out of the many aircrafts kept in the museum only 4-5 models are able to fly and rest are only the samples which all the aircraft companies construct for keeping in Museum and giving away as gifts.
aricraft museum of Dhangadi NepalAccording to Upreti students and Scholars can also get a lot of information in the museum. He said that he has arranged training for 4-5 engineering students who can learn making small flying airplanes, so this is a laboratory for students as well.
The museum management has said that they charge 100 rs for general public and 50 rs for students as entrance fees. They have managed to collect 15% of the ticket fees in a Trust which will be used for helping cancer patients and providing scholarship for poor students.
It took him around 7 months time and 10.5 million rs to construct the museum. Local people have actively visited the museum as he has kept many world famous pictures inside the museum including Eiffel Tower, London Bridge, New Zeeland, Jomsong Airport, Phipi of Thailand, Mt. Everest from
the north face and many interesting photos from far western Nepal.
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