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World's Eyes On Hong Kong As Democracy Protest Escalates

Monday, September 29, 2014

| Khabar Site

hong kong democracy protestThousands of Hong Kong pro-democracy protesters have came out to street near the business center of Hong Kong. The relay protest which started few months ago after Beijing said that the only those allowed by central government in Beijing will be able to fight the most anticipated democratic election in 2017.Last week the protest got accelerated when many of the High School students boycotted the classroom and came to protest in front of the office of present Hong Kong Chief Executive CY Leung.When Leung refused to talk with the students they started camping outside his office and the protest suddenly became bigger as more parents joined after realizing what their children are fighting for. Police has used minimum force at some places to disperse the crowd. Yesterday police fired dozen of tear gas and pepper spray. Protesters today have camped at different area of Wan Chai, Central and Mong Kok where they seem to be rallying for overnight protest for infinity.
Government today has urged the protesters to leave the place as it has withdrawn the riot police from the agitating area but the protesters have decided to further stress the agitation saying "Hah Toih" meaning resign CY Leung.
Hong Kong was handed over to China by British in 1997 where Chinese Central Government had promised Hong Kong to allow high degree of autonomy as claimed by these protesters.
Hong Kong, one of the busiest business hub in Asia, have drawn attention from all over the world as the Chinese National day on coming October 1st might see even bigger protest.
Many Nepalese people living in Hong Kong have supported the protest showing their solidarity sharing in social medias and taking part in their Yellow Hong Kong Campaign. About 40,000 of Nepalese people are residing in Hong Kong mostly the family of ex-British Gurkha Army.Gurkhas have served Hong Kong in their history but sadly Hong Kong restricted it's visa policy to Nepalese allowing only business, dependent and tourist visas. Hong Kong has more than 300 thousand foreign workers including professionals, construction workers and domestic helpers, but sadly working visas are prohibited for Nepalese in Hong Kong. 
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