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Today Is The Ghatasthapana Day Of Dashain

Thursday, September 25, 2014

| Khabar Site

Ghatasthapana is being observed all over Nepal today. Auspicious time for Ghatasthapana today is 10:45 am according to Nepal Panchang Nirnayak Samiti .Ghatasthapana literally means establishing of a Pot, a pot full of water which refers to complete or full.Today people clean their homes early morning and sow Jamara.Jamara is the sowing of seeds of various cereals that includes corn, barley, rice and white seeds. While the Jamara is sowed a Kalash (Water pot or Ghada with full water) and Diyo (a cotton oiled lamp specially the mustard oil) are established and God Ganesh is worshiped enchanting holy scriptures.
jamara at ghatasthapa dashain
Lord Durga is worshiped around the Durga temples who is known as Deity of Power. Worshiping of Durga continues until 9th day of Dashain festival, where animals are sacrificed on 8th day(Maha Astami) and 9th day(Mahanawami).On the 10th day worshiping of Durga is closed and Teeka (marking colored or plain rice mixed with curd) on forehead starts. Teeka is given by elders in the family with blessing to their family. Exchanging Teeka continues until the last day of Dashain on 15th day called as Kojagrat Purnima.
Dashain is the biggest festival for Nepalese, it is mainly a Hindu festival but it is celebrated by people of all religion in Nepal. There is official 15 days holiday at all government offices, schools and other institutions. Even the private companies, markets etc. will be completely closed for main 4 days of Dashain from day 7 to Day 10 of Bijaya Dashami.
Every year 80% of the people living in cities for their education , job and business will return to their homes to celebrate the Dashain festival. People working at faraway cities and abroad  will also join the family during festival. Homes and surroundings are cleaned, new clothes are bought and good foods are prepared for the festival. Pings (swings) are made around the streets and children, women and youths play , chat , eat, drink and share the happiness.
The weather during this festival is best of the year as the rainy season finishes and the cool air of autumn begins, sun becomes warm and sky becomes cleaner, surroundings become green and everyone's home will be full of food as 80 percent of people in  Nepal depend on farming, all of them have enough food from their own farm, most of them keep their own chicken, ducks, goats, buffalos etc. for the meat. During the first week of Dashain, markets in Pokhara, kathmandu, Biratnagar and most of the bigger cities will be full of goats and sheep  as many of those  people who don't have at home will buy them.
Dashain is celebrated as the symbol of victory of good over evil.
As decided by Nepal Panchanga Nirnayak Samiti the auspicious time for Bijaya Dashami Teeka this year 2071 is 10:15 AM.

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