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Singer Anju Pant Apologizes After Media Outrage

Thursday, September 4, 2014

| Khabar Site

nepali singer anju pant statement

Anju Pant has apologized through her Facebook releasing a handwritten statement. She has said that she intends to hate no religion and any people. She used to and  always will respect all the religions and people.
Popular Nepali singer Anju Pant had created a social outrage among Hindu Nepalese people when she denied to sing a Hindu song related to Dashain Bhajan.Anju Pant has a huge mass of fan inside and outside of Nepal due to her melodious voice, she is undoubtedly the no. one female Nepalese singer for this decade. The controversy started when She rejected to sing on the album of Sahadev Koirala, a lyricist and musician who claims that Anju denied to sing saying, "My religion doesn't permit me to sing such song related to Hindu religion".
Several media has reported that Anju has confirmed her return from Malashree Recording Studio Kamaladi without singing the proposed song.
Anju Pant has been following Christianity since last few years after she broke up with  her ex-husband Manoj Shiwakoti.Anju has a teenager daughter and she is happy now with her mother. After the separation Anju had told the media that her husband used to abuse her everyday and gave her physical and mental torture. Shiwakoti used to beat her causing her nasal bone break and other body injury. He even beat her during a concert in US breaking her index finger. After the break up one of her uncle who had been practicing Christian religion suggested her to follow Christianity saying it would give her peace.

nepali singer anju pant statement after social outrage

nepali singer anju pant

nepali singer anju pant photo
Nowadays Anju goes to Church regularly and says she is happy with her life.Anju is still single whereas Manoj Shiwakoti had married another girl right after few months of the break up. Manoj is also a popular musician and singer in Nepal.

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