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Scottish Say No to Independence

Saturday, September 20, 2014

| Khabar Site

In the referendum vote in Scotland, the team against the free Scotland has won. Fifty five percent of voters have said that Scotland should remain part of United Kingdom whereas those independent Scotland team has shown a very strong opposition of 45 percent which shows that there are almost half of the people who wants to be free from UK.UK Prime Minister David Cameron has expressed happiness  with the outcome of the voting. He sad said ,"like millions of people, I am delighted". At least for the few decades UK has once again reassured the political stability and this is a great scotland referendum vote won by No sidesmessage to the separatist across the world. The final result in the referendum was 1,617,989 votes in the favor of independence from the UK whereas  2001,926 votes were against. After the result, Alex Salmond, the Scottish first minister and leader of the pro-independence Scottish National Party, has announced his resignation from both posts, which will be effective in November accepting his side's defeat.
This referendum was closed watched all over the world including US, EU and other power nations. Analysts say that there might be another referendum in Scotland in one or a two decades as the result shows there is strong presence of free Scotland voice.
People in Nepal are happy about the result as it has been a  good lesson for  many of the regional parties in Nepal who have been demanding for federal states with right to separate in the new constitution. A political activist named CK Raut has been arrested this week on the charge of separatist activities in Terai region who was openly addressing the people about separate Madesh.
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