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Hunger Striker Nanda Prasad Dies In Nepal

Monday, September 22, 2014

| Khabar Site

Nandra Prasad Adhikari, who had been staging Hunger Strike for last 11 months at Bir Hospital in Kathmandu has passed away today at 5 pm. Adhikari and his wife Ganga Maya Adhikari had been resorting to 330 days long hunger strike demanding investigation on murder case of their son Krishna Prasad Adhikari.Krishna Prasad Adhikari-17, a resident of Phujel Gokha district was killed in Chitwan district by Maoist during insurgency in 2004.The couple started hunger strike since the 25th October 2013.
Adhikari's body has been sent for postmortem. Their elder son Nur Prasad Adhikari has denied to receive the body saying the government should take the responsibility of his death.
Once the couple had broken their strike when some of the accused in the murder were arrested but later were released in absence of enough proof, they continued strike again seeking justice.Several government officials and human right activists had tried to break their fast but weren't able to convince them as one of the suspect in the murder was discovered to be dead during Maoist war and another suspect is said to be living somewhere in Europe.
Chairman of Rastriya Prajatantra Party (Ra.Pra.Pa) Nepal Kamal Thapa has demanded resignation of Prime Minister Sushil Koirala whereas many politicians, writers, human right activist have denounced the government for failing to resolve the case on time.Human Right Activist Kanak Mani Dikshit has twitted saying his death has exposed the  merciless face of Democratic Republic Government of Nepal.He has asked Ganga Maya to survive for the fighting.
Health condition of Ganga Maya is also critical as informed by the hospital source.

hunger striker nandra prasad dead in Nepal
nanda prasad and ganga maya adhikari fast to death
late Nanda Prasad with his wife Ganga Maya Adhikari

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