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Abducted Youth Rescued By Police In Capital

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

| Khabar Site

An abducted youth has been rescued by police in Chadani Chowk Kirtipur yesterday. Biren Chhetri-23 of Thankot was kidnapped from Khasibazar Kalaiki while on his way to Kasthamandap College. Sushant Pokhrel-19 had kidnapped Biren from Kalanki and was bringing him towards his friend Amit Shrestha's home in Lele. After 2 hours chasing , police was able to capture the Vehicle which was rented by Sushant for 6000 rs.Sushant was caught along with Biren and two bus staffs. Police was able to contact the micro driver through the bus owner.
Initial investigation has revealed that Sushant had kidnapped Biren because of the money borrowed by Biren's mother from his mother before 2 years which she didn't return. Sushant and mother reported to police few times about the borrowed money but they didn't get any help. When Sushant's father returned home from his work aboard, the pressure on Sushant increased as they hadn't consulted with father before lending money to someone .Biren's mother was out of contact for last few months leaving them into the verge of family split. At such situation Sushant had the only idea to reach the woman by kidnaping her son Biren.
Sushant had reserved the microbus Ba. 2 Kha 4343 and Tsering Sherpa-29 had helped him to catch Biren in Kalanki .According to the police,  Sushant punched him few times but didn't cause any injury although he had kept a large stick inside the bus. He actually realized his wrong doing after abducting Biren and even apologized him and he was going to leave Biren at his home before police captured the vehicle.
Sushant and his other friends didn't have any past criminal record police said.Other youths involved in Biren's abduction are Ashbin Adhikari-23 from Makawanpur, Amit Shresta from Lele and Tsering
Sherpa from Mali Dolakha.
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