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Sandesh Lawati Arrested For Killing His Step Mother In Hong Kong

Monday, August 18, 2014

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hong kong police hunt for nepali man killed a woman
Image Courtesy South China Morning Post Online
sandesh limbu killed dewaki lawati in hong kong

Man who was on the run after killing his step-mother Dewaki Limbu-42 from  Nepal has been nabbed
after 17 hours of the murder. Sandesh Lawati-21 from Jhapa Nepal has been arrested from Tsuen Wan Hong Kong. Motive of the killing hasn't been confirmed although the family has said that he had got some treatment for sudden evil spirit capture(Chhopne Betha in Nepali) few years back in Nepal. Police believe that he committed the crime out of emotional and mental problem. He was normal while on the dinner previous evening.His father wasn't at home at the night of the incident.
His father Biru Lawati, 7 years old  brother and other 2 women who have been sharing the flat are safe now. One of the flat mate 42 years woman was awake when she heard the brawl at about 6:15 yesterday morning and tried to stop the attacker but suffered head and back injury and managed to fee the flat taking his 7 years old brother. The step mother was found dead inside the kitchen when the police arrived, she was chopped on her body and neck part and was almost beheaded, 2 khukuris and a kitchen knife was recovered on the murder site. The culprit left the scene following the murder but was captured on the CCTV of the building. Police had been hunting the man on the run whole day and succeeded to capture him around the mid night from Tsuen Wan area.
Lawati and his family moved to Hong Kong in 1996 and was living in Tsuen Wan with father , step mother and 7 years old brother sharing the flat with 2 other women. The injured woman is receiving treatment at hospital and  out of the danger now.

Watch video Report  by local Apple Daily News:

Initial News From 18th August While The Man Was On The Run

 Nepali Man On The Run Reportedly Killed Step Mother In Hong Kong
Hong Kong police is hunting a Nepali boy-21 suspected to kill his stepmother 42-years old at their flat in Tsuen Wan.When police arrived at 6:45 am this morning, the woman was found dead inside the kitchen and another woman also 42 years old was found on the building with arms and head injury.Injured woman is said to be a relative of the family and was sleeping at the same flat last night.The suspect attacked her when she tried to save her friend and she managed to flee from the scene.The injured woman was taken to Yan Chai
hospital and later transferred to Princess Margaret Hospital.
Police has published a picture of the man on red and black check shirt and black trousers which was captured on the CCTV of the building.The man seems with strong built and  height of some 5.5 inches.Police believe that the man left the scene before police arrived.Police has requested the public to be careful if they see the suspect as he might hurt others although police believe he has left unarmed from the flat.

It is learnt that the man was working in construction and  the family had moved to Hong Kong in 1996.There was no previous record of family violence report found in the police.

nepali woman killed by step song in hong kong
Image Courtesy South China Morning Post 
sandesh lawati killed stem mom in HK

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