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Khusbu Claims Arpan Koirala and Police Officer Behind Chari's Murder

Friday, August 8, 2014

| Khabar Site

arpan koirala and kumud dhungel behind chari's murder
Notorious Don chari was killed in an police encounter in Bhimdhunga Kathmandu, which according to Chari's girlfriend Khusbu Oli, was not an encounter but a planned murder by a person named Arpan Koirala and police inspector Kumud Dhungel is also involved in his murder.

Apan Koirala was a druggist who was a friend of former Miss Teen 2006 Khusbu Oli, niece of CPN- UML Chairman KP OlI, liked her out of her sympathy on him while he was a druggist, later was rejected by Khusbu.

According to Khusbu another suspect is Police Officer Khumud Dhungana who because of his unexpressed love and affection towards Khusbu Oli later came to same point with Arpan Koirala who was already in agony because of her love denial.

Arpan had a Skoda Scorpion car which was later on auction and Chari and Khusbu won it on 50 Lakhs, with the same money 50 Lakhs , Arpan used to threaten Chari and Khusbu that he would kill Chari anytime.

Arpn Koirala came to Khusbu's office many times with Police and searched her office without any police warrant.Khubu Oli has an Orphanage where she has a lot of Children taking shelter.Once Chari was on the run because of tight security imposed by Ramesh Kharel as Kathmandu Metropolitan Chief, Arpan and Kumud was able to seize Chari's car from Khusbu's home.

Explaining all this Khusbu claims that Arpan Koirala and Kumud Dhungel are behind the murder of Don Chari.Khusbu and Chari were engaged and planning to get married soon.

On the other hand some media has reported that Khusbu Oli herself was responsible on his death as she ased him to meet in Bhimdhunga on the day of incident.
CPN UML Dhading has called Dhaing Band for half day which later was called off saying it was only a symbolic Band and demanded an Investigation on the case.
Dhading CA members Rajendra Prashad Pandey , Ganga Lal Tuladhar and Dhana Bahadur Ghale have spoken in the Parliament saying Chari case was a murder and demanded an Investigation Panal whereas one CA member has even threaten to obstruct the Parliament meeting if the case is not properly investigated.

khubu oli arpan koirala and don chari
Arpan Koirala At Khusbu's Birthday

Home Minister Gautam Says Chari was Killed In Cross-firing
Speaking at Parliament, Home Minister Bamdeb Gautam has informed the parliament that Dinesh Adhikari was killed in cross-firing when he opened fire on police while police van was following to arrest him.He further mentioned that there are various cases filed against Chari that he was involved in attempt murder, extortion and kidnapping.

Chari aka Dinesh Adhikari was a permanent resident of Achane Tripureshwar VDC Dhading Nepal who was initially a NC cadres and later moved to CPN UML and was elected as vice chairman of CPN UML Dhading Constituency-2.

boyfriend of khusbu oli arpan koirala killed chari
Arpan Koirala & Khusbu Oli

ex boyfriend of khusbu oli arpan koirala

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