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Don Chari Reportedly Killed In Bhimdhunga Kathmandu

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

| Khabar Site

don chari killed in bhimdhunga kathmandu

Notorious Don Chari aka Dinesh Adhikari has ben reportedly killed in Bhimdhunga Kathmandu, chief of Kathmandu Crime Branch Pushar Karki has confirmed the incident. According to the police, some one reported that a suspious person with arms was seen on the area, when the police followed the criminal on Pulsar bike, he opened fire on Police, there he was killed on the cross fire.Chari had fired 7 rounds out of the 8 bullets in his US made pistol whereas police had fired 7 rounds. A US made pistol and a red colored pulsar bike has been recovered on the scene.
Chari had a long term fight with different dons including Radhe recently.Chari was accused of murder before 6 months but was on the run.Police had discovered that he entered  Kathmandu before 15 days.
 Chari was said to be involved in shooting of Maoist WCL Balaju Area Incharge during Prachanda Government.He was accused of extortion , murder attempt and several other attacks.He was shot by Radhe gang in Naikap last year where he survived a shot on his right arm.Radhe Bhandari was a member of Chari Gang based on Nayabazar Kathmandu before he left the gang.Later Chari had attacked Radhe in revenge leaving him injured.
Chari was also CPN UML vice chairman of Dhading Constituency no 2.Miss Teen 2006 Khusbu Oli was said to be his girlfriend and they visited Goa and Singapore.

In a ABC TV report a girl claimed to be his girl friend has said that Arpan Koirala is the one to Kill Chari.

According to her, a person named  Arpan Koirala had proposed her but she rejected him.He started to blackmail and threaten to Kill Chari  after she was in relationship with Chari.She has blamed  that Arpan Koirala and police officer Kumud Dhungel have conspired to kill him because of her relationship with him.She has said that she reported it to the police and had signed an agreement that they wouldn't follow her anymore.

arpan koirala khusbu oli kumud dhungel on chari murder

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